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Why am I feeling this way?

When you are grieving, you may not feel like you are you. Perhaps you feel like you are someone different. And that is true compared to the old you before your life was turned upside down.

The jokes that you normally make are not that funny anymore. The thoughts that you have bring you sadness. Maybe your mind starts to wander. Why me? I'll never get over this. This is my fault.

Your body is reacting weirdly. You have a dry mouth, are shaky or perhaps you are experiencing shortness in breath.

When you’re sleeping at night, you have dreams about your loved one who passed away or maybe you’re not sleeping at all. When you are holding that photo that is so close to your heart, you start to cry. If you need to make a decision, you just do not know the answer.

You might think that you are going crazy. But everything that you are feeling is normal. Grief can affect all aspects of our being. This is a normal response to loss.